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I came in as a new patient. Was kept waiting 45 minutes in the waiting room. I complained at the front desk and asked if doctor was running behind and was told "No" and that I would be called next. Waited over morer 45 minutes to see the doctor. She seemed very knowledgeable, but I had my xrays on a disc and she tried one thing to open it and could not do it. My husband suggested that she save to her computer and then open in. She said she didn't wsnt to get a virus from it .Also said she didn’t have time and was two hours behind. We told her that I had been diagnosed with RA based on those xrays. It is disgusting to be kept waiting over two hours to see a doctor and then she would not even look at my xrays. THEY OVERBOOK. That's why she was behind. Unacceptable treatment. I will never go back.

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flag | Submitted March 24, 2011

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