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RID: 2614295
11/04/13 4 5 5 5 Dr. Woudstra is a wonderful GP. She is punctual, direct, listens deeply and is very good at discovering what the problem is.I trust her and her ability to diagnose and refer.We have had some very helpful discussions.  Respond
RID: 1721543
24/02/12 4 4 5 5 I have found Dr. Woudstra to be very knowledgeable. She is receptive to hearing my thoughts on what I think is wrong with me, but she is also willing to tell I am wrong and why. To some people this may seem abrupt and unreasonable. However, to me, this is why I go to a professional. I have no interested in having my concerns validated. I want her to assess my health and symptoms based on her professional judgement. I have a science background and she is always willing to provide my with technical explanations if I ask. She is great with both my children, who started out feeling very uncomfortable around doctors, but now look forward to seeing Dr. Woudstra. To anyone considering her, I suggest you set aside the criticisms people are levelling and give her a chance. You can always move on if you don't like her and you might just find that she is the best doctor you have ever had (like I did).  Respond
RID: 1713704
14/02/12 3 3 1 1 dr Trudy is the worst dr i evehad!!! Rude, doesn't care about pation, she will say "it is normal, it's just the way you are..." noe interested in her pacion health at all. In my case when she just started practicing in Shawnigan, i had a chance to have an appointment with her, after she automaticlly become my family doctor -no one ever as her to do it. In few words she is usfull doctor!  Respond
RID: 1664918
19/12/11 4 5 5 5 I was referred to Trudy by a collegue when I first moved out here to Shawnigan, and at first I found her to be a tad abrupt but I think its just the way she is when she first consults with you ....... I must say, I now think she is really fantastic! very knowledgable and thorough ..... Im so thankful that I was referred!!  Respond
RID: 1571021
26/10/11 3 5 3 4 I agree that the concept of dealing with one problem per appointment is at best unhelpful. In chronic illness it is usual for a group of symptoms to be inter-related. To be asked to deal with each in a separate appointment is therefore not appropriate let alone dangerous, and for a sick person it can be difficult to attend. As well, Dr. Woudstra has the most annoying habit of spending the alloted 7-8 minutes per visit charting on her computer rather than looking at the patient. Thus, she does not connect well. I, too, miss Dr. Thompson & his ability to see the whole person, in contrast with the more clinical assessment of a single symptom per visit. Despite seeing her for 4 yrs, I do not believe that yet she has an accurate idea of my overall health & life challenges; in contrast, he ascertained this early & thereby gained my confidence. That said, she is knowledgable & very willing to send her patients onto appropriate specialists. Though sometimes too abrupt,I believe she does care.  Respond
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RID: 1359123
09/02/11 5 1 1 1 I find her rude and very unhelpful. I am not very well and have various stomach conditions/disorders. The way she "helps" is trying drugs rather than trying to get to the bottom of what is happening. She will only discuss 1 issue per appointment, but all of a sudden is working PART TIME so when I call to book an appointment it is at least a month away. In my appointment she told me that my body is making me believe that I am ill mentally and that I should ignore physical symptoms as there is nothing wrong with me, even though she didnt have the time to even check me out. I am very dissapointed and am currently looking into a new doctor. I do not reccomend her whatsoever.  Respond
RID: 1243166
03/09/10 1 5 4 5 I find DrW extreemly helpful and always has time for me. I usually go in and i need px's refilled and talk about my health. only once has she rushed me out when i had more questions, but i had been squeezed in bc i have an awful ear infection. the only thing i dislike about shawnigan lake family practice is the main Medical office assistant. i dont think i have met someone more rude, or abrasive. everyone i know that goes there feels the same way.  Respond
RID: 1232037
19/08/10 5 4 5 5 Dr. Woudstra is very caring, knowledgeable and helpful. She carefully assesses diagnoses and treatment plans. She embraces first conservative type of treatments based on diet, exercise and behaviour modification; after careful follow up she adopts pharmacotherapy when conservative treatments are not enough. She is very conscious and accommodating in terms of patients' needs (finance and timing). She still manages to give highly personable care even if she is responsible for many patients every day. She keeps an opening for urgent care every day so that you can see your doctor rather than going to the emergency. As her patient , if you are hospitalized, she will come to the hospital even if she has to commute for an hour from her practice. I have not seen any other doctor willing to do so. She is very ethical, and dedicated to her community. She is environmentally and socially conscious.  Respond
RID: 1171220
17/05/10 3 2 1 3 I too have redceived Dr. Woudstra's "BUM'S RUSH" (as mentioned several times above) on multiple occasions. When the alotted 15 minutes is up, she ups and walks out, maybe even while in mid-sentence. Never heard are words such as "Excuse me, but I have to go now." At a recent appointment, when I tried to object to this practice, the doctor said I was being "unprofessional" and she called ne "a jerk". Unreal. And there I was almost certain that a doctor calling his or her patient a j"erk" ranks at the top of the medical unprofessionalism scale. Dr. Woudstra also seems to dislike providing clear or detailed answers to a patient's questions posed with the intention of gaining a better understanding of the patient's health situation and issues involved. Not good.  Respond
RID: 1167731
12/05/10 4 4 5 4 I've been seeing Dr. Woudstra for a year now, I really like her. She has always been very helpful and goes out of her way to help with other health issues with other specialists. I will continue seeing her as long as I can  Respond
RID: 1159250
28/04/10 4 4 4 4 WOW people need to know that ALL doctors are supposed to do one issue per visit, its the way billing works with Ministry of Health making this a standard. Its not your Doc trying to "rip" you off!!  Respond
RID: 1148968
13/04/10 4 3 5 5 I think that all you people who are saying that she's rude are full of baloney. I broke my collarbone, and she fixed it. I got a virus, she fixed it. She told me what to do and was totally knowlegeable about her surroundings and the different obstacles her patients needed to get over. Yes, she does have a small tendency to get impatient or arguementative when you're wrong, but that's because she's straightfoward and wants you to know what's really happening.  Respond
RID: 906775
07/06/09 5 5 5 5 This doctor does not validate patients concerns. The front end staff are both busy and hardworking. They accommodate demanding patients every day. People need to stop confusing efficiency with abruptness.  Respond
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RID: 881364
07/05/09 1 1 3 1 I am in highschool and I went to her for the first time and she was very rude to me and asked me who my doctor was..and i said her and she said she wasnt and asked how i got an appointment. even though she was my doctor she just forgot i guess. also while i was in her offiece she was looking through all her books to find a perscription to give me and didnt really know what things were and had to keep looking them up. I thought that was kindof weird. and someone wrote that the only reason she only will take on issue per appointment is so things speed up and people arent waiting in the waiting room. well that is wrong. I had to wait one hour last time just to get in her office. people had come in after me and got out before me. i found that she was very rude and didnt really know what she was doing.  Respond
RID: 824041
10/03/09 4 4 5 5 I think that a Dr/Pt relationship is like any other. Either you mesh or you don't. That is why it is important to find a Dr that YOU feel comfortable with. We all don't get along with everyone in our worlds. And we aren't expected to, either. We do however have a choice. And finding, choosing and keeping a Dr is a patients' responsibility. So instead of complaining about the Dr you have now, be proactive and go and find one you are happy with. I don't entirely agree with this website. I think it is a way of throwing cheap shots at the medical community. Personally I think Dr. Woudstra is a caring and attentive Dr. I am comfortable with her. I am happy with her. I am comfortable with her treating my children. If I weren't, I would go and find another Dr that I was comfortable with instead of bashing her on here.  Respond
RID: 805810
03/03/09 2 1 3 3 From Dr. Thompson, who was fabulous, to Dr. Woudstra, is like night and day. With Thompson, I looked forward to our monthly visits. I could call him by his 1st name and he listened to all manner of issues in one visit. With Dr. Woudstra, i am very less inclined to make appointments( 3 months apart). The people here who think shes great must be relatives. She's impersonal, benile,disinterested,condoncending,impatient, outright rude and in no position to be a doctor. This pisses me off to no end, as I've been going to the Shawnigan practice for close to 15 years now and I am disappointed that my Clinic has changed because of her. I have serious health issues and I find myself procrastinating wether to go at all. I don't relish for a moment going and finding another doctor.I've lived within 5 k. of this office for a long time and I feel its my Clinic home. Again, I can't understand the people here who thinks shes great. You are greatly outnumbered in the comment area.  Respond
RID: 730267
25/11/08 3 4 4 4 I disagree w/ everyone I like her very much very truthfull and to the point. Yes she did say that on my first visit BUT she also said why she does this ..... So that she can get to examine you first and do all her stuff and totally check you out ... Second visit is where you can tell her your problems .... I found her very professional and very helpfull and am glad she took me on......  Respond
RID: 721943
13/11/08 2 2 1 1 I totally agree with the other comments Trudy is very rude, disrespectful, unsympathatic, her way or no way, very belittling, has no bedside manner, that was just at my (first and last) meet and greet. She made me feel like she had some where better to be. Also I asked her if she could look in my sons ears quickly she flat out refussed. I definatley dont agree with the extra appt you need to make for diff issues. Its hard enough to get an app at the clinic, let alone another one all together, which in my case means taking more time off work. Who does she think she is? She is more about getting paid then helping the sick. Needless to say I have not been back since. I need to have one Dr. not whoever can see you at that time/day. I have now moved from the clinic because of her. Now I have a great Dr. in Duncan I couldnt be happier. If you are thinking about having her as your Dr. Run, run run while you can you are making a big mistake!!!!!  Respond
RID: 688977
22/09/08 1 1 1 2 The receptionist had told me that Dr. Trudy Woudstra would accept me as a patient, but that turned out to be untrue. Dr. Woudstra indicated very clearly that her professional relationship with my former doctor in the same clinic as she was more important to her than treating me as a patient. That's because, she said, they cover for one another. At the end of our 15-minute interview, she simply left the examination room. I sat in my chair, shocked. It's patently obvious to me that this doctor does not subscribe to the Hippocratic Oath.  Respond
RID: 581068
02/05/08 5 5 3 2 I hope Dr. Woudsta gets to read the comments and attempts to improve where necessary. I find Dr. Woudstra to be very impatient, and she always finds a negative comment to say about me. The idea of one appointment for one problem is unusual and ineffective. It's seems it's more about the money than the welfare of the patient.  Respond
RID: 553369
31/03/08 3 4 4 4 I agree that she will only discuss one issue per appointment. What a concept. All doctors should practice this and maybe they would be on time. if you need to discuss more topics book two appointments at the same time.  Respond
RID: 523898
25/02/08 5 5 5 5 I really like Trudy, she is helpful and great with my kids. She never acts rushed when I go to see her and spends extra time talking to my 6 year old.  Respond
RID: 489988
21/01/08 4 3 1 3 She was very rude and abrasive. Makes you feel very belittled. I also found her argumentative and unfriendly. Terrible bedside manner. Will only see you for one problem at a time and expects you to book for separate appointments for everything. If you have a sinus infection and would like a refill on a px she EXPECTS you to book two appointments - NO exceptions. Don't know about knowledge as first (and my last) appointment was only a meet and greet ... for anything else you must book another appointment! This is very time consuming and a ridiculous waste of tax payers money. will not be going back.  Respond
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