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RID: 5580464
26/06/14 5 4 5 5 I was recommended to Dr. Hickman from my dentist and rightfully so. I started my treatment in 2011 and finished my last appointment in June. Dr.Hickman and the staff were always friendly to me and reassured me of the positives in my progress. The positive reinforcement, friendliness, and professionalism is what kept me from being discouraged about having braces. I would recommend Dr.Hickman to anyone looking to correct their teeth.  Respond
RID: 5491648
23/05/14 4 5 4 5 Did my teeth when he was starting out 30 years ago. Has done 3 of my kids' as well. Efficient, professional, affordable (relative to other Orthos in Ottawa). Highly recommend. Sour grapes from some unhappy customers reflect more on them than the office, as far as I can see.  Respond
RID: 5448260
06/05/14 5 5 5 5 I had braces put on when I was 30 yrs old. He is now seeing my two boys for othro. He and his staff are excellent, never a bad experience! Always punctual, professional, and friendly! After 14 years, my teeth are in excellent condition, and my boys like Dr. Hickman as he is sociable, gentle, and caring. I would highly recommend this office for treatment, and after so many years in practice, he still remains in the highest regard for our family!!  Respond
RID: 5317538
29/03/14 5 5 4 5 I do not agree with the several nasty comments about the staff. Yes they do gossip sometimes, although it's appropriate for the workplace and I find the staff really nice, warm and welcoming. If you have any questions, they answer them quickly and don't leave out any information. All in all, I really enjoyed my experience at Dr. Hickman's office.  Respond
RID: 5232488
10/03/14 3 4 5 5 Dr. Hickman is great! He did my mother's teeth when she was 32 and started mine when I was 15. (My mom had me at 30, I am 22 now) and neither of us have ever had problems with the permanent wires coming off or our teeth moving back. He is very knowledgeable and my teeth turned out exactly how I wanted. I saw another comment about him being a little weird - I think he might have a slight social disorder that makes him socialize a bit strange but nothing that would affect his work; he is so nice though! I did have a bit of a tiff with one of his staff members (I don't know if she is still there but I did NOT get along with this lady). I was late for an appointment once, and she got all in a huff and shoved that blue mold goo in the metal tray in my moth but it was too far to one side and pinched my gums. It hurt so bad and made my eyes water and she could tell and then felt bad, she wasn't mean to me again after that. But the rest of his staff were great and always friendly!  Respond
RID: 5221663
04/03/14 1 1 1 1 Dr. Hickman's staff is appalling and incredibly rude, do not make the mistake of entrusting these people with your child's orthodontic treatment, the way these people treat their patients is disgraceful.  Respond
RID: 2812239
25/08/13 4 5 5 5 Wonderful experience. Personable. Explains everything in proper detail. 
Insurance: Oxford
RID: 2718416
25/07/13 2 4 4 5 He is very knowledgable but his staff is rude. I would recommend his services  Respond
RID: 2558139
12/02/13 1 1 1 2 I found Dr.Hickman to be quite "weird". When I would see him, he always seemed out in space and frequently stares and talks to himself. It had me wandering on several occasions if I should be trusting this guys judgement. He doesn't do much of the work, he has his helpers do it. Although I have had one girl who worked on me and was pleasant enough, the rest are terribly rude...one in particular. she would always snap at me, and I just do not feel this is fair for what I am paying to have my work done here...which by the way is substantially higher than other Orthodontists.....shop around ...don't go to this guy!  Respond
RID: 2429493
20/09/12 5 5 5 5 Both of my daughters are very pleased with Dr. Hickman and staff. The staff is always very nice with them and they explain me very well what's going on with the traitement. I have nothing bad to say.  Respond
RID: 2145922
17/05/12 1 3 3 4 I liked Dr. Hickman, but the staff was terrible. I felt very uncomfortable with the gossip that was going on while they worked in the open concept office. They were rude, unhelpful, and gouged me in the gums COUNTLESS times every visit because they were looking at each other and talking instead of looking at what they were doing. They didn't seem to care at all when I told them that they were hurting me, and I always left with bleeding gums. It's been years, but I dread going back to get my wires replaced because I just don't want to deal with the staff!  Respond
RID: 1487367
15/07/11 2 3 1 2 I am a current patient of Dr. Hickman and will first say that Dr. Hickman is great! He is friendly and knowledgable. I find some of the support staff to be rude and they try to be the orthodontis and they are not!!! When I ask to speak to Dr. Hickman about my concerns, they do not let me or say he is busy or make another excuse. It's a draw who you get for the appointment and what your experience will be like but you are bound to have an experience with every staff member. I've already paid for the work. It very unfortunate. I no longer refer people to him. He's great but it takes a strong person to deal wtih his staff.  Respond
RID: 1442395
16/05/11 5 5 5 5 Both my boys had to have braces and we were extremely pleased with Dr. Hickman and his staff. The were always courteous and friendly. Explanations were always made of what the next appointment would entail and how long it would take. Dr. Hickman wasn't in a rush to put braces on, for my oldest son, we attended two appointments per year for approx 4 years before Dr. Hickman put the braces on. The wait was well worth it as the course of braces was shorter and the mouth more stabilized when he started. I would recommend Dr. Hickman to anyone looking for an orthodontist.  Respond
RID: 1313042
12/12/10 2 4 4 5 I went to this guy for braces a teen (10 years ago) and this year when my lingual bar broke (at 25). I always find their staff to be a little on the rude side, and have never felt comfortable with them working in my mouth while chatting about other patients to each other in the circle room, or not listening to me when I told them my teeth would shift (which they did) after the bar broke and I had to wait a couple months to get in. Dr Hickman himself is a nice man who is very knowledgable; but it really is too bad he does most of the consult and little of the work, because the staff are pretty nasty.  Respond
RID: 1256291
22/09/10 2 3 3 5 some of the staff members (one hygenist in particular) and one girl at reception are quite rude and definitely do not make you feel welcome! my child spoke of the hygenist being quite rude to him however the other hygenist that he has had is very nice! 
Paid (or co-pay): $6000
RID: 1143366
06/04/10 3 4 3 4 Dr. Hickman's staff varied in both their friendliness and their skill as orthodontic primers. I have had experiences where the primer was fabulous, and experiences where the primer was absolutely terrible. The office staff are generally friendly; however, they have no policy for reminding patients of their appointments, leading to many missed appointments on my part. Dr. Hickman himself does very little of the actual orthodontic work, I find, and while very friendly and knowledgeable himself, tends to forget that older patients would like to have the procedures and expected outcomes explained to them before the procedure begins. The office is very good about accepting different payment methods, and are fairly good for accommodating different schedules; however, their short hours, and the fact that they are closed on Fridays may make it more difficult for parents or patients who work during the week, or who cannot afford to miss classes.  Respond
RID: 1005758
08/10/09 3 4 5 5 Dr.H is treating our two youngest children after our oldest had had a bad experience with another Ottawa orthodontist. Both children really liked him and they always felt quite welcome at his office. Dr Hickman clearly takes the time to get to know his patients as when we have seen him out, usually Farm Boy, he always greeted us by name and stopped to chat for a minute or two. A very kind person. His staff seem to work very quickly and don't seem to have the time to add such a personal touch though. All of the children at my children's school who also see him rave about him which was why we chose him. Also, there was no extra charges for retainers, lingual wires, or broken brackets which our last orthodontist charged for. There was a fairly long wait to see him for the first appointment (1/2year) but our dentist told us it was worth the wait. On a side note, his office is magnificent! Always beautifully decorated for the current season in a way that always makes me say "Wow!".  Respond
RID: 484474
15/01/08 1 3 4 4 Dr. Hickman is super sweet, but there are some members of his staff who are just nasty. He pulled four of my daughter's teeth so she would not end up with a "flat" smile, but I find it is still quite flat. Also, all the kids seem to end up with a semi-permanent brace behind their teeth, top and bottom. I have no idea if that's the norm, but it seems odd to me. Last comment is that although there is an extensive consult, the bottom line would appear to be that you pretty much pay the same amount regardless of what the problem is.  Respond