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Dr Rosenberg took my case while I was in a 7 month hospital stay for an unknown infection that shut all my organs down except my heart and brain for 1 time or another. He was the only doctor who would listen to me and the one of the only doctors I trust. When he tells you something that thing usually happens and he is always willing to answer any question. He does come off as Brash and he isn't for everyone as he is not PC but if you want a doctor to tell you whats going on bluntly and not to beat around the bush and to honestly care about your case he is the man to go to. I to this day remember the first time I met him he saw my chart and looked at a medicine I was taking for nerve pain and he told me the amount of this medicine your taking is the same as pissing in the ocean and trying to find the piss so we are gonna bump it up and you let us know if it starts to hurt you. Thats the best way to describe dr rosenberg to a person really.

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flag | Submitted June 30, 2011

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