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After my mammogram the Breast Center informed me that I needed an Ultra Sound. Dr. De Vera did not call me to explain the result of the mammogram with me. The breast Center told me the Ultra Sound the results were faxed to my Dr. the next day. A week later, I called De Vera’s office more than once for the results and copies of my medical records. I was put on hold, transferred and asked to call different #’s. I was told they didn’t have the results…I told them I had fax confirmations and that I was upset. I called the office again gave my name and asked to speak to the Dr. I was asked to call back later. It was Dr. De Vera. I asked for my results and all she said was “Negative” with no other explanation. I asked for copies of my medical records and she said “it’s being taken care of.” Dr. De Vera didn't ask me what happened to upset me nor did she take time to give me my test results. I don't recommend this De Vera to anyone who would like a friendly, loving and caring doctor.

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flag | Submitted Dec. 28, 2007

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