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Specialty:Gynecologist (OBGYN)
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Practice: Dr. Jason Helliwell - Cosmetic Surgery Bakersfield
Hospital: Bakersfield Memorial Hospital
Med. School:University Of California, San Diego School Of Medicine
Grad. Year: 1999

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Rating: 3.4 out of 5 (5 is best), based on 28 reviews. Dr. Jason P. Helliwell has a fair overall rating on RateMDs.com. neutral

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Q: On the day of surgery for breast augmentation, are there any further urine, blood or any other tests done?    Email me    Answer it

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RID: 5468582
11/05/14 5 3 5 5 After nearly a year of investigation, and looking at virtually hundreds of pictures of breasts, I made a decision to get implants. I chose a surgeon who would perform a Dual-Plane procedure and I selected Ultra High profile silicone implants. Dr. Helliwell helped with recommendation of the size of the implant, as I was fearful of having too big of breasts and looking 'top heavy'. My results are fantastic. I love how I look, and they are not so big that I cannot still wear most of my old clothes. However, if I want to turn heads, a form fitting dress does the trick! My advice to any woman who has minor to moderate sag and does NOT want the scars of a breast lift, consider finding a surgeon who will discuss performing a breast augmentation using the dual plane technique and ultra high profile implants. Dr. Helliwell is compassionate and caring as well as results driven and a terrific value! Thank you Dr. Helliwell!  Respond
RID: 5355572
18/04/14 5 5 5 5 I had a tummy tuck done by Dr Helliwell. He and his staff were thorough and professional throughout the process. I was well informed and receptionist in cosmetic office was extremely attentive to any concern I had. I would highly recommend this Dr and I plan on returning to this office in the future for services. 
Paid (or co-pay): $5299
RID: 5308021
25/03/14 5 4 5 5 It's not often that patients find both great healthcare and great atmosphere. Dr. Helliwell's office is the epitome of both. From the ladies in the front office to the phlebotomist to the medical assistants to the Doctors; all are friendly, helpful, discreet, informative, and patient centered. This group is solution oriented and expect patience to be part of the decision making process. I have always been treated with respect, dignity, and like a real person, as opposed to a dollar sign coming through. I recommended AWHC to everyone that wants a wonderful and answer oriented staff! 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 5288392
20/03/14 5 5 5 5 I have had nothing but a great experience with my Dr. He also see's my eldest daughter. I had a mesh done for SUI about 2 wks ago. No problems,no complications. I was fully aware of risks. He took the time to answer any questions. Always very helpful during visits. Staff is always friendly. Office is very professional. I'm happy to have found someone so awesome for my health care. 
Insurance: Medicaid / Medi-Cal
RID: 3644676
30/12/13 2 2 1 1 I had the worst possible experience with this doctor. What he represented to be a routine outpatient cosmetic procedure ended up as a botched job that has needed two revisions. I am not a 40-year old overweight person with unrealistic expectations, but a young, fit 20-something at the time of surgery and he performed a procedure for which it seems he had insufficient experience. I allowed him to perform a revision, which ended up being much worse than the initial surgery. His last response after seeing the poor job he did was: "I am sorry you feel that way." I was left with a much longer than needed, irregular incision, an uneven asymmetric look, worse than pre-surgery.  See Responses
20/10/13 SYSTEM: First Name changed from "Jason" to "Jason P." 
RID: 2653324
21/05/13 5 5 5 5 I came to Dr Helliwell over a year ago and had liposuction of my upper and lower abdomen and flanks he also did fat transfer to a few areas as well. Not only was this the best surgery I've ever had due to the fact I was awake during the surgery, but everyone dr helliwell and staff included made me very comfortable and very aware of everything that was going on. My results were great! Not only was dr h my cosmetic dr but he was also my Ob dr as well. He took very good care of me during my pregnancy. He answered all my questions and was very knowledgable. During my delivery of my daughter dr h was there through the whole thing. There was a complication withy daughter during the delivery. But dr helliwell didn't think twice about what he had to do and within 30 seconds he had a full staff in the room ready to do whatever they had to to save my daughter. Thank God for the knowledge and quickness of dr helliwell today I have a beautiful baby girl who is healthy and happy! Thanks dr h! 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 2651891
18/05/13 5 5 5 5 I started going to Dr. Helliwell about a year ago when I found out I was pregnant. I always heard great things about Advanced Women's Health Center and decided to use them as my OB/GYN. I love Dr. Helliwell. He always makes me feel comfortable during my appointments and answers all of my questions. I also really love his staff. They always help me when I have a question. What I really appreciated was the fact that Dr. Helliwell showed up at the hospital to deliver my daughter. It is rare these days that the doctor actually comes to the hospital to deliver their patients baby. I always hear from friends that the on call doctor at the hospital was called instead or a nurse delivered the baby. I will continue to go to Dr. Helliwell in the future. Nothing but a great experience during my pregnancy!!! 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 2608679
05/04/13 4 5 5 5 Staff are down to earth and treat you like your presence is welcome. Sarah Carr, PA, is knowledgable of women's health and how difficult menopause can be when you are a professional. 
Insurance: Aetna
RID: 2602351
28/03/13 2 2 2 2 I went to doctor Helliwell for a breast augmentation and the results were horrible. They are no where near shaped the same way. Now I have to go and pay again to get them fixed. Not only the results were bad but so were the staff. I had issues with my incision and according to the staff doctor Helliwell wasn't in the office. So I was seen by his PA. She took a picture of my incision and sent to the doctor to see what she should do. As I was walking out I see him walk out of his office. I don't recommend this doctor to anyone!!! Ladies stay away!  See Responses
RID: 2565414
20/02/13 1 1 1 1 I would not recommend this Dr. I had a hysterectomy. I got a horrible infection. Terrible experience! When I would go for a check up they would try to sell me another procedure. His mother even came in and told me I needed Botox. Is he a OB/GYN or a plastic surgeon ( which he is not). He is not a board certified plastic surgeon He is a cosmetic surgeon. BIG DIFFERENCE! 
Insurance: Aetna
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RID: 2394598
06/08/12 5 5 5 5 I had a great experience with Dr. Helliwell! After my last child, I decided to get a "mommy makeover." After shopping around a bit for the right doctor, I can across Dr. Helliwell's website, and scheduled a consultation. After meeting with the doctor, I knew I found the one. He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and the results were great. Thanks a million! 
Insurance: Anthem
RID: 2382720
23/07/12 3 3 2 2   Respond
RID: 2365628
14/07/12 2 3 2 2 I would not recommend this doctor. Back in 2008, I had a pelvic prolapse surgery, with the mesh. I ended up with 10 cm hemotoma on my spine, tons of pain. I could not even sit up in a chair. All I was told to do , was to wait until the swelling to go down. I do not think he knew how to properly perform this surgery. There are still some issues years later. I would not recommend this doctor to anyone. I wish I would have listened to my gut feeling and never had the surgery done by him. Denise {Inyokern} ca 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
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RID: 1732790
09/03/12 5 5 5 5 My experience was great from the first consultation for my breast augmentation to my follow ups after surgery. My results came out amazing just how I expected. Dr. Helliwell was always there to answer my questions and always explained risks to me. I would recommend Dr. Helliwell to people who want to feel and look better. I will always go back to him if I want anything else done in the future. Thank you Dr. Helliwell you are the best! 
Paid (or co-pay): $3419
RID: 1726597
01/03/12 5 5 5 5 I chose Dr. Helliwell to do my breast augmentation in December, 2011. He and his staff made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout the entire process, from the consultation to the post-op appointments. My expectations for my final result were met, and exceeded. I am incredibly happy with my outcome and I recommend Dr. Helliwell to everyone who asks about my opinion, he is an amazing cosmetic surgeon and I will be back for any future procedures I have done. Very satisfied with my results!  Respond
RID: 1724384
28/02/12 1 1 1 2 I ended up a patient of Dr. Helliwell's after my previous doctor passed away, and his practice was transfered to Helliwell. I'd just had a hysterectomy & was still under follow up care. My follow-up care was rushed - he didn't even review my file from my other doctor before seeing me. I went back later in the year for an anual exam & PAP, and while he was doing my breast exam, he tried to push fat-transfer cosmetic surgery on me! Why would anyone go to an OBGYN for Plastic Surgery?! Every apt he was either trying to push cosmetic surgery or some other highly-billable procedure, like bone density scanning. The waiting room time was exceedingly long, the staff was rude and ignorant. Needless to say, I've since found a different doctor that isn't interested in just making a quick buck, and actually sticks to practicing in his area of expertise. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 1685772
13/01/12 5 2 1 1 I had a breast lift and augmentation with terrible results. Dr helliwell and his staff were very nice, courteous, and kind, however, the results and my experience were terrible. Pain and symptom management following the procedure were horrible, and I was given very little instructions on care. Further, I began with symmetrical areolas, but following the lift and augmentation they are assymetrical and misshapen. I am now having to consult again for ANOTHER surgery. I will, of course be going to a different physician. Beware, i would NOT recommend this MD to anyone considering the lift and aumentation procedure.  See Responses
RID: 1545608
Insurance: Anthem
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RID: 1283824
01/11/10 5 2 4 4 I have had Dr. Helliwell for the last three years. When I first started going to him he was great! The wait time was never too long and I ALWAYS saw him at my appointments. He is a courteous, nice doctor, but since opening up his plastic surgery he has been absent. I had two or three OB appointments with him and each time I saw one of his practitioners because he was backed up or in surgery. I am no longer a satisfied or happy patient due to the fact that I now have to wait at least 1 and 1/2 hours in the exam room before NOT seeing him and most times when I call to book an appointment with him he is gone all day for the majority of the week because he is doing plastic surgery. I would recommend him as he is a wonderful doctor, but based on my recent experiences, I would say if you want OB/GYN care, go somewhere where the sole focus IS OB/GYN. 
Insurance: Anthem
RID: 1266035
06/10/10 5 5 5 5 As a long time patient of Dr. Helliwell,I am delighted to call him my Doctor. He displays compassion & sensitivity in a way I have never experienced by any other physician. He takes time to speak in detail about my concerns and answers any questions I may have. I underwent IVF treatment in 2009. Under the care of Dr. Helliwell I conceived on the first attempt. I delivered twins by cesarean section at 36 weeks. Both babies were perfectly healthy and required no NICU time. My delivery was perfect & so is my scar. Just a side note about scars: some people suffer from hypertrophic or keloid scars. These types of scaring are sometimes unavoidable & unpredictable; however, are not by any means a reflection of the surgeon’s ability or technique. The staff at AWHC is always kind and courteous, also attentive to my needs. I would absolutely, positively, without question, recommend AWHC to women who are looking for quality, compassionate care. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 1254707
20/09/10 5 5 5 5 Dr.Helliwell was an absolute pleasure to work with! He provided me with results better than I could have ever expected!! He is very knowlegable and is exteremly helpful, and creates a comfortable enviroment for his patients. I have already reffered four of my close friends! I suggest if you are considering breast augmentation or any other procedures, that this doctor provides, please consider him as your #1 surgen! He is awesome! 
Paid (or co-pay): $3100
RID: 1175279
23/05/10 4 1 3 2 I had a c-section perforrmed by Dr. Helliwell and it was botched. I feel like frankenstein. I have seen other pictures of women who have had a c-section and their scars are berely visible. My scar is bumpy and very wide about an inch wide. It looks horrible. Yes, I agree her was a very courteous and friendly doctor as well as the staff. But he did a terrible job with my c-section scar. From what I have read up here, there are other people who have had a similar experience with lipo scars that are terrible. Maybe he needs to go back to school to learn how to hem up his patients after opening them up.  Respond
RID: 1168307
12/05/10 3 3 3 2 I had Smart Lipo and the results were aweful, dents and uneven, lumps and I wish i had never done it. Im very sad and wear long sleeves to hide my arms and no way would I show my legs.  Respond
RID: 930323
06/07/09 5 5 5 5 I love Advanced Women's Health and Dr. Helliwell. I too can not see where the negative comments come from. I never wait longer than 15 minutes and have always been happy. Dr. Helliwell has been my doctor for over two years and helped us conceive our first baby with IVF. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else. His staff are friendly and helpful always. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 870017
24/04/09 2 3 2 1 Gave me awful awful smart lipo results. I have bumps and uneveness all over, he said they would even out over time but its been almost a year. I wish I had never gone to this office.  See Responses
RID: 786327
10/02/09 5 5 5 5 Dr.Jason Helliwell came highly reccommended and has proven to be more than I could have hoped for. He gives nothing but the best of care and concern to his patients.....he has went above and beyond to educate me about the procedures I have scheduled. His staff is professional and courteous and reflection of the Doctor. I look forward to having a patient/Doctor relationship for years to come and look forward to supporting his practice with referrals. He and his partner offer their skill and knowledge in a comfortable setting with reasonable fees... I hope that those seeking good, professional, educated care will read my rating and consider a consultation to see the services things they has to offer as his practice is not limited to ob/gyn services alone. A quality I noticed was he did not overwhelm me with his medical terms, nor was he arrogant in any way in the answering of my many questions. He also is more than approachable and has returned emails not something many Dr's do (222)  Respond
RID: 771653
23/01/09 2 1 1 1 I waited three hours in waiting room. Had a pap smear and never received results. Refused to pay bill. Never received reimbursement of co-pay. Don't know what insurance did. Would not recommend this Dr. to anybody. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 465872
17/12/07 1 1 1 1 I felt the man was very nasty and treated his staff poorly. High staff turnover.  Respond
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