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A one in a million find. I have been his patient for 5 years. Extraordinarily nice Dr. He will go out of his way on numberous occasions to make sure you are taken care of. He has kept my pain levels to a minimum. A real pleasure to deal with. Since I moved from NJ to FL,I was unable to find a Dr. who will take care of me or actually care for my well being,like he has. I will continue to travel this extensive distance to be treated by this special Dr. It is very hardto find a truely caring Dr.The Dr.'s I have seen in my new state,did not even read my records before seeing me for the first time. When a Dr. does not read your records and has to ask you for all the details he should have known before even walking in the door to see you,tells me that he is not the Dr. for me. It makes you feel like a number and not a patient who is being cared for properly. Dr. Vosough is a special find,and I would recommend him to anyone that truely wants a "Real Dr." and not just a stranger with a PHD.

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