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RID: 2489054
03/12/12 5 4 2 3 I had a bunionectomy here five years ago that seemed at the time to be carried out proficiently as far as I could tell. Unfortunately it was just before summer vacation and my aftercare was provided by a locum/inexperienced doctor. When Feldman returned he was not impressed with the way the 'healing' had gone and proceeded to inject steroids (painful) at the site several times, to no avail. The joint had self-fused with very little mobility remaining. He offered to redo the op a year later when I returned with nerve pain on the ball of my foot below the joint but I couldn't afford 6 weeks or whatever in a cast plus the remediation operation would have left me with a big toe pinned in the 10-15 degree positio - lovely! (The flirting didn't work with me either.)  Respond
RID: 2483004
26/11/12 5 4 5 5 I had two hammertoes and a twisted toe fixed by Dr. Feldman. I've had many surgeries by other surgeons on my feet and I couldn't believe how little pain I felt after and the following few days after the surgery. He explains everything, is knowledgeable and yes sometimes I have to wait but he does apologize and I think is a very likeable guy.  Respond
RID: 2479614
20/11/12 4 4 5 5 I had bunion surgery with Dr. Feldman and I have been completely amazed at how pain free it has been. As he described, it was a hassle being in the cast, but really not very sore. I'm confused by other negative reviews. I don't think I have ever waited more than about 5-10 minutes (and I have been in the office many times). He certainly remembers who I am, although for a doctor to not always remember each patient, I think is forgivable. Staff has been great and orthotics I got there seem to fit well and be doing their job. I have put myself on the waiting list to get my other foot done. I don't hesitate to recommend him and already have many times.  Respond
RID: 2429457
20/09/12 4 2 3 4 Although he is helpful, knowledgeable and a decent surgeon, his bedside manner is questionable. I find he prefers to hear the sound of his own voice than to let me get a word in edgewise. My most recent experience with him consisted of being patronized and insulted for the shoes I wear, during a custom orthodic consult. I brought my flattest flats because I wanted to ensure the orthodics would fit comfortably in them. Instead he went on a rant about me being old enough to buy good shoes and although he went into detail about their lack of support, he treated me like I was stupid and cheap. Yes, I have lots of great shoes but I brought ones that happened to be the least supportive to make sure the orthodics would be versatile enough. To add insult to injury, when I was being casted he said something to one of his staff members and they both looked over at my shoes and I heard him make a snide comment. I'll take my orthodics and never return. 30 minutes late and unprofessional!  Respond
RID: 2409698
24/08/12 5 2 2 3 I have seen Dr.Feldman for more than 7 times this year and each time I come in for my appointment, he thinks I am a new patient. He did not explain to me the bunion surgery procedure in detail nor did he talk about the recovery process. When I asked about it, he gave me brochures to read instead of addressing the issues himself. He seems to be quite forgetful and uncaring for patient's concerns.Often times, he runs about 30mins to an hour late. One time he was available to see me after my surgery, so I had to see Dr.Mann. Dr.Mann was much more polite,knowledgeable and helpful. I recommend others to see Dr.Mann instead. 
Paid (or co-pay): $2500
RID: 1339542
18/01/11 5 5 5 5 Dr. Ziv Feldman & his staff are OUTSTANDING!! I was treated with compassion & professionalism while getting the best results anyone could hope for. Left foot bunion done mid OCT'08 & skiing by end of DEC'08!! Having seen two previous Podiatrist & coming away with little confidence that my feet would be better it was a relief to find Ziv who is so enthusiastic about his work. THANK YOU!!!  Respond
RID: 1273783
18/10/10 4 4 5 5 I have had problems walking and putting any pressure on my right foot while walking for years, almost 10 at the time of my first surgery. A visit to Dr.Ziv and the suggestion of surgery, Done deal. What was supposed to take half an hour,and a half inch insition, he spent nearly 2 hours on my foot and fixed it way beyond what he had to. My second operation was done on the Left Big toe , and the same result. Excellent , I can walk , run , Chase my kids & bad guys ....Thank you very much Dr. Ziv ... Appreciate the time you spend on your client. See you again ... AL Swanky  Respond
RID: 1249239
13/09/10 4 4 3 1 Had a bunionectomy that he messed up and blamed on my being "keloidal". So, I went to get tested for that condition and it was a bunch of hooey. He redid the surgery and messed it up further. I was unable to find other help in Calgary due to the fraternity of doctors that close ranks and refuse to comment on other MD's work. Went to US. My bunionectomy was overcorrected causing hallux varus. I spent thousands on physio, etc. and was made to feel the lace of surgical success was somehow my fault. His means of dealing with this was to flirt and be extra nice which I fell for temporarily. I have met others since who had similar experiences. He's a big talker, personable and basically only semi-competent. I wouldn't risk going to him for anything major. He may be able to do it, maybe not. I shudder that he teaches at the U of C.  Respond
RID: 1188510
13/06/10 5 5 5 5 I had my first bunion operation on my left foot in 2008 and am currently recovering from my right foot operation. I have always found Dr. Feldman and staff to be extremely helpful, courteous, professional and knowledgable. I was very reluctant and scared to have the bunion operation because of friends' unpleasant experiences and lengthly recoveries. But my bunions had become so painful I decided to risk it. I was amazed that I was able to walk and sit on an airplane on a twelve hour trip eight weeks after the first operation. On that trip, I was able to walk, shop and golf (much to my surprise). The second recovery is going even better. I would highly recommend Dr. Feldman to anyone requiring bunion surgery and have done so to friends and relatives. He has carefully explained each step of the surgery and recovery process and what to expect. (Reading some of these negative reviews makes me question their sanity). Gloria G. 
Paid (or co-pay): $225
RID: 1119679
03/03/10 1 1 3 2 I was referred to Dr. Feldman for orthotics. It took SIX appointments and two castings to get my orthotics anywhere close to being wearable. It's a total numbers game and while I found him pleasant enough, Dr Feldman doesn't have the time to take care of things properly and therefore is continually passing stuff off to others in the office. I believe it's important to delegate but not when delegating keeps resulting in poor results. His staff was rude when booking me and he ALWAYS runs at least 45 minutes to an hour behind. I can not recommend Dr. Feldman based on my experience with him and his office staff.  Respond
RID: 1101354
09/02/10 5 4 5 5 Hi had a scarf/akin surgery in December 2009 with Dr. Feldman. He is excellent; his surgical skills were great and my post op recovery is coming along very nicely. I find him to be friendly, professional and compassionate. I would totally recommend him if you are looking into having bunion surgery. His staff at the office and at the private clinic are also great! I will be running before long!  Respond
RID: 1002079
04/10/09 5 4 5 5 I have returned to Dr. Feldman again to perform a bunion surgery on my left foot. He had completed a tricky surgery on my right foot 6 years ago and I have since made a full recovery which has resulted in a pain free lifestyle.I was again impressed by his friendly staff and the expert information he gave me.I would not hesitate to to recommend him to anyone looking for a podiatrist.  Respond
RID: 757360
07/01/09 4 3 1 2 I saw this doctor but once and decided not to return after the initial consultation. He came across as arrogant and superior.  Respond
RID: 734414
02/12/08 5 5 5 5 Dr. Feldman performed the Austin Bunion procedure on my left foot about one year ago. The entire process went flawlessly. During the pre-op period, he was very informative and re-assuring as I had never had any previous surgeries. I followed the healing protocol and my foot is great. I play golf frequently and I am able to walk the golf course several times per week and I walk regularly for fitness. Thank you for restoring this ability. I have recommended Dr. Feldman to friends who have foot ailments and I'll continue to do so.  Respond
RID: 537203
13/03/08 5 5 4 5 Very knowledgeable, sincere, and go to the point professional.  Respond
RID: 513463
13/02/08 5 4 5 5 I had surgery in Dec.07 and have had excellent pre and post op. care. The office staff were very polite, helpful and pleasant at every visit. Dr. Feldman was informative and supportive as well as pleasant. I would certainly choose him again if I needed further surgery.  Respond
RID: 511018
11/02/08 5 5 5 5 I've had 2 surgeries over the past year -- Dr. Feldman and his team were wonderful. They are kind, have a great sense of humour and certainly know how to make you feel very well cared for. They take the time to talk to you and your family. I certainly didn't hesitate to ask any questions. I feel that Dr. Feldman is a very skilled surgeon.  Respond
RID: 499508
30/01/08 5 4 5 5 I have had numerous problems with my feet some - not all requiring surgery. I have had four successful operations some more extensive than others done by Dr. Feldman over the last 10 years. He has always taken the time to explain exactly what was wrong, what would be done to correct the problem and follow up through numerous post-op check ups. I have every confidence in his abilities and have personally recommended a colleague to see him. They too have been pleased with the outcome and the care Dr. Feldman provided. I know of two other patients who still talk very highly of Dr. Feldman always assuring me "You are in good hands with Ziv". I couldn't agree more! He and his staff have always shown the utmost care, compassion and professionalism in each and every visit.  Respond
RID: 498705
29/01/08 5 4 5 4 Dr Feldman has been my doctor for about 6 years now. I must have seen him about 12 times in that period. I have never experienced any negative behaviour on his part on the contrary, I find him pleasant, knowledgable and efficient. I just don't understand the other negative comments posted about him on this site. I would'nt dream of changing podiatrist. And I do not mind signing this posting. H.Monroe  Respond
RID: 461132
10/12/07 3 2 1 1 Dr. Feldman was the worst doctor I have ever experienced. He's arrogant and lacking knowledge. He even went so far as to tell me that a disease I have had for years, which was diagnosed and effectively treated by a neurologist, "doesn't exist". Just goes to show he's a podiatrist because he couldn't get into real medical school.  Respond
RID: 419350
26/09/07 1 1 1 1 After waiting in the examining room for 50 minutes, Dr. Feldman came into the room and proceeded to be the absolute worst Doctor. He has extremely poor bedside manner and was rude, almost to the point of being ignorant. His suggestion was to take 2-3 Advil 4 times a day for 2 weeks. Thanks for nothing.  Respond
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