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I have keratoconus and chronic dry eyes. Before seeing Dr. Shannon my vision was a laughable 35/400, now I see 20/25 with fancy hard/soft contacts. I thought I was going to need a corneal transplant soon and had deep fears of going blind. Dr. Shannon's approachable, friendly & kind manner put me at ease in my first appointment. And boy howdy does he know his stuff, even on the rare occasions I *do* stump him with a question he's studied up by my next visit. I really like how he doesn't overwhelm the patient with too many options. He outlines a clear treatment recommendation, backs it up with science, experience and some geeky know how. Oh and I think the man is pretty funny too. A total bonus is his billing woman, Winnie, who's been with the office for going on 20 years. *Also there is almost NO fluorescent lighting in the *entire* office, it's mostly gentle track lighting at 40-60 watts.

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