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I have to say that after working with another great psychiatrist for three years, I was very disappointed with Dr. Scimeca. While he is a highly competent psychiatrist, he was quick to make assumptions and struggled to have an open dialogue with me, as his patient. Instead of talking to me and asking questions to probe deeper and learn how to best help me, it seemed that he came to conclusions based on assumptions and unfounded skepticism. My main concern was that upon finding out that I was pregnant and me choosing to discontinue a very mild dosage of medication, he was quick to cut me off as a patient (despite having a responsible and reliable patient history). I'm fairly confident that Dr. Scimeca would have had more sympathy and understanding for me if I was a male patient with testicular problems, but alas, he failed to understand the gravity of the situation, made rash decisions, and lost my trust as a medical provider.

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flag | Submitted Jan. 7, 2013

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