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Conventional medicine knows little to nothing about pain management and in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Portenoy suggested a bunch of medications that did nothing other than make my brain foggy. Ultimately I got more out of alternative therapy than the drugs he recommended. He didn't relate to me as a person and asserted I was a "catastophizer"- a useless psychobabble designation(based on fact he saw me after a very sleepless week in pain). This shouldn't matter to people as he doesn't see patients or at least new patients- but it should give you an idea for the tenor of the people working FOR him. Originally I had seen Dr. Guleyopoglu- she misdiagnosed me-- so I was stupefied when Portenoy asked if I wanted to go back to her. Then he sent me to Dr. Cruciani, who kept me waiting 2 hrs, had a nasty disposition and then hadn't bothered to read the report that Dr. Portenoy had sent to him- further wasting my time. Do not go to Beth Israel for pain management.

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