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This psychiatrist doesn't believe anything you say - unless it refers to any substance abuse in the past. from there she paints you into a corner and neglects all other evidence as to your psychiatric problems. She is currently the only psychiatrist in the Sarasota county FL working in the Sarasota county health dept. in free clinics, so she feels she can do anything she wants in this jurisdiction, and has no one to answer to. she is paid by Sarasota county to minimize the the number of psychological patients who really need help, and very dismissive of your problems. for some lower income families , she's all they've got, and its rather disgusting. I would say to avoid her at all costs, but this is rarely an option for needy people in this area. She's seen me for less than an hour this year but disputes the evidence collected of various social workers I've seen for a great deal of time. She's simply not trustworthy.

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