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Dr. Zohner is wonderful. The staff leaves much to be desired. On the phone the staff is rude, threatening, and very unprofessional. This is not how a patient who pays all of their bill and has very good insurance should be treated. It was the worst experiences I have ever had with a doctor's receptionist. I called 2:30 on Friday to reschedule a 3:00 Monday appointment, because my babysitter cancelled. The receptionist was very rude and said that she would not reschedule me because I was calling too late to move my appointment, so she was going to count it as a cancelled appointment. (Even though that was 24.5 business hours warning.) She said that because they were not in the office on Monday morning that it shortened my 24 hours notice time. It was very contentious and it made no sense. Dr. Zohner was wonderful, but his staff is horrible. Or just that one woman was. I saw him for several years with no issues until he hired her.

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