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RID: 5675518
24/07/14 5 5 5 5 I have been going to see Dr. Coles and his team for almost 25 years. The staff are always friendly and professional. My dad isn't the greatest patient as he's quite anxious but after visiting Dr. Coles, he refuses to see anyone else and even sees him every 3-4 months since he has the coverage to. I have continued to see Dr. Coles even when I moved out of the area, travelling almost an hour each way, because I believe in his work and his teams ability to take care of my dental health. He has never suggested anything that wasn't needed or warranted and his work has always been top notch - I've never had any issues at all, nor has anyone in my family. Please do not believe all of the reviews on here, Dr. Coles and his entire team is worth the visit! 
RID: 5575116
23/06/14 1 2 1 1   Respond
RID: 5499092
28/05/14 1 2 1 1 I had a horrible experience at this office. I went on a few occasions. He ended up removing my old fillings and replacing them with the white ones. At the same time he ended up doing a partial root canal without my knowledge which then had to be extracted years later by a very qualified dentist. He is inappropriate and rude. I would stay away and find someone else. Seek a referral from a friend. Please...this guy cost me my tooth. I loved my dentist growing up and after going to see this guy it took a long time to trust another dentist again  Respond
RID: 5444426
05/05/14 1 1 1 1 The dr and the receptionist are very rude. The don't care about your teeth or your pocket but just how can they make money. I spent more than 5 grand on veneer. He said it would be better for about 10 years But on of my teeth got stained in 8 months and then fell off in 3 years. Every time I went there, he recommended me expensive treatment. And when u need some treatment , they are on vacations. And their cleaning is so painful. I changed my dentist, who don't recommend me expensive treatments. I feel relieved now.  Respond
RID: 2756571
07/08/13 5 5 5 5 My entire family have gone to Dr. Coles for close to 25 years. The staff are always very friendly and helpful. They are very good with young children and make you feel relaxed. In all my years in going, I have never had to wait more than 5 minutes for my appointment. I have had fillings, root canals, and crowns and feel I have always had many options explained to me. The final choice is always mine. Dr. Coles himself is always explaining what he is doing, asking if you are ok, and very gentle. Dental work is very expensive and that's life - it's not the dentists fault. I have moved out of the area and continue to drive over an hour to my appointments. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
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RID: 2548129
01/02/13 1 4 1 3 I had to write about Dr Coles and his staff. First there is always so much tension there. His wife is the manager.. depends on her good/bad days. My dental hygentist gives me attitude all the time and just found out my cleaning have been poor. Dr Coles was always saying got to make money. And never listen to me. told me I was to fussy. He did expensive venners on my teeth they feel off and would not consider what could be done. In all the years at my previous dentist I never had teeth pulled.. Within a year of him.. he removed 4 teeth.. and refushed to make me a partial plate. Now I have so much problems.. Im seeing a real pro now.. and they said can't beleive the negelect. Just because I have little insurance he does not really care about me. So as for him as a good dentist I woud never recomened, him I paid the price this new team say.. bad advice and neglect. Now its going to take time to solve these issues he refused to correct Stay away from his place  Respond
RID: 2210073
06/06/12 5 5 5 5 I can't say enough about Dr. Cole. I needed a bunch of work done and he explained it all so well. Its nice to find a dentist who uses words I can understand. He gave me ALL my options and in the end convinced me to go with a less expensive option to meet my financial needs. NOT just pushing the most expensive one! He and his staff are great. All went as planned, painless.  Respond
RID: 1697165
26/01/12 5 5 5 5 I am scared of the dentist and I have been able to keep regular appointments and continue to get work done. This is a huge challenge for me. Dr. Coles team is exceptional, I am a big baby and they treat me with kindness and kid gloves. They are fun, try to make you feel comfort in an uncomfortable situation and wow do they know there stuff. Dr. Coles is a great dentist! It takes time to get to know him but onece you do you like him for the way he is. They really care and go out of their way to help. In my opinion, I;m luck to be their patient. I have been to enough dentists in my life to know...  Respond
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RID: 1551841
02/10/11 1 1 1 1 Ear nose throat and wallet specialist, the whole staff is aimed at getting as much money out of you, x-rays by the dozen the most expensive procedures are pushed your way. I found Dr Coles rude and abrupt, Workmanship not good fillings fall out and he won't re-do them for free. 
Paid (or co-pay): $1500
RID: 1529907
05/09/11 5 5 5 5 the three latest comments were made by he same person. she is so wrong. Guess she just didn't like to hear the truth about her required dental work. I am probably the world's worst dental patient and when I moved to BC I was terrified to be seeing a new dentist. (My daughter and family had been going to him for 20 years. Yes he is big, yes he sometimes loud, but he is kind and helped me through my first visit with humour. He has done great dental work for me in spite of not having much to work with. I would recommend him , and have done, to anyone looking for a great dentist. His staff is also great..all of them have been most accommodating to me. So don't believe everything you read on this site.  Respond
RID: 1387053
14/03/11 4 5 5 5 I have been going to Dr. Coles for over 20 years and he is fantastic. He is great at what he does and explains things to you and gives you lots of options. The dental staff are awesome too. The only down fall is the receptionist. She is very unhelpful and not pleasant at all. Once you get past her, its great.  Respond
RID: 1073158
08/01/10 5 4 5 5 I have been seeing Dr. Coles since he started his practice when he took over from the previous dentist I used to see (20+ years ago). I have always found him and his staff to be pleasant, helpful, and knowledgeable. They do their very best to make you comfortable, at ease and not stressed. Dr. Coles, the hygenists and receptionists are wonderful people, and really make the effort to go the extra mile. They provide you with options, and since I currently don't have dental coverage, always try to determine which is the most cost effective way yet best choice for me. I have heard that friends that see him that they consider the fees a little expensive, but I am willing to pay for good service and a good job. I am very pleased with Apple Dental Group, and would be happy to recommend them to anyone.  Respond
RID: 1048843
03/12/09 1 1 1 1 The receptionist is a rude and unhelpfull lady. I had an appt, I called on my way there letting her know there was an accident on the HWY and that I will be late, she still asked me to come in, when I got there she tells me that the DR cannot see me. I asked her to make an exception for me, as I am always early for my appt. I need to get my crown put in that day or I wont be covered, she didnt even care to listen .I called told her I would get it done elsewhere, and she then said I could come in , because or else they will be stuck with my crown and wont get paid them unless the crown was in my mouth. T^he DR told me he is doing me a favour and I should appreciate it. I was booked for a root canal 3 week ahead of time, I got there for my appt I realised that she booked me for a cleaning, I asked her if she remebered our conversation, she refused to agree with me, she the took a look at my chart and saw that the DR had suggested a RC. She did not even have the decency to apologise. 
Paid (or co-pay): $5000
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RID: 956932
07/08/09 5 5 5 5 Dr. Coles and staff are great. They have a sense of humour and pleasant attitude which helps alleviate anxiety. Dr. Coles himself will take the time to explain procedures and provide options to treatment. He does not automatically perform the most expensive operation. Easy free parking and attractive office. 
Paid (or co-pay): $1500
RID: 332115
29/05/07 4 4 4 He is an awesome doctor. I have being seing him for over 7 years now. Very personable, pays attention and knows whats he doing 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
Paid (or co-pay): $30000
RID: 311441
07/05/07 4 3 3 Only went to Dr. Coles once, and now have moved on. He sent both of my children to specialists, which was very expensive. After going to the specialists, I went to another dentist for a second opinion, and was told the extent of the work they wanted to do was unnecessary.  Respond
RID: 306211
02/05/07 4 4 5 Been a patient for 20 years, almost as long as he's been in practise. Doesn't do work unless it's necessary and the work he does is the best! 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
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