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Dr. Schuftan is not only good at what he does, he is great. He's not only knowlegeable and skilled, he is also one of the nicest and most personable doctors I have ever gone to. He helped me to feel so comfortable by really getting to know my situation. He took the time to listen and offered valuable counsel and input. He provided ample opportunities for me to ask questions and discuss my concerns. He addressed and answered all of them kindly. I know that he must see patients every day who have had miscarriages, but he knew that the pain I was going through was real and he didn't downplay it. He was very sympathetic and yet real, instilling a hope of future pregnancy. He did an ultrasound and took great care to explain everything to me; he even drew a picture by hand to help me understand what he was talking about more clearly. He was so optimistic. His genuine care and his willingness to work with my insurance situation left me with a lasting feeling of gratitude that he is my doctor.

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