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Dr. Diamonte is an amazing dr! He is very personable, kind, punctual, & willing to help you out in any way he can. The staff is great! They are very helpful & if you need to see the dr they will do whatever they can to get you in asap. Dr. Diamonte has personally helped me many times. Once, on the wknd, I had ripped my last contact & my glasses happened to be broken too. So I called the on-call #. Dr. Diamonte called me right back within 5 min & offered to come to the office & open it up & leave me some contacts outside the office, all on his weekend off! Anouther time more recently, I had a very painful ulcer in my eye. I called the office, & I hadent been there in a little over a year b/c I have been unemployed, & told them about the pain in my eye. The staff was so nice & understanding. They got me in w/in an hr! The dr was very kind & gave me a sample of the abx drops had, knowing I had no ins. & was unemployed. The staff was helpful w/ allowing me to make pymt.'s. -Bethany Dionisi

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