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I have been waiting for well over 2 years for a consult with a pulmonologist in Gatineau. Dr Cote seems to be the *only* one. According to his staff at the Hull hospital, he glanced at the consult requestS and told his staff that I was not a priority case. His staff told me that there is no hope for an appointment, despite worsening symptoms (chronic cough, chest pain, diminished lung function, spots on both lungs) and a yearly request from the family medicine clinic. The best my family doctor can do is send me for a scan every 6 months to see the progression of the spots, including a new one. Shame on Dr Cote and the system that waits before it's more than critical before access to specialist care can be granted. His staff recently told me to go to the emergency dept, which I did. There, I was told "to wait my turn" for a consult. I will be paying out-of-pocket for a visit with an Ontario specialist after the next scan - I can't afford to gamble with my life the way Dr Cote does.

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flag | Submitted May 22, 2012

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