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Dr. Ho is a seasoned and intuitive, sensitive and uber-skilled practitioner. After just my first visit, I had dramatic results and felt almost immediate relief from decades of crippling daily headaches and migraines. Dr. Ho is gifted. He has a wonderfully reassuring, gentle manner. He responds to my questions, which I make sure to ask before he begins jabbing me with the needles :-) He is intuitive in assessing health, taking pulse at every visit. He places needles at different point at every visit, and does not operate in a rote fashion. He is never on auto-pilot--every visit is different, e.g. needle placement and number of them varies greatly. He seems to adjust and calibrate the needle placement to whatever he senses in my pulse. His staff is flexible and pleasant, the office clean and welcoming. The patient rooms promote relaxation--warm and comfortable, and his assistant who removes the needles, has a remarkably efficient and straightforward, yet patient manner.

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