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I brought my pregnant daughter into the ER,at 7pm, because she was complaining of severe cramps. Dr. Cardey gave my daughter an ultrasound and informed us that the 4 week baby was in the correct spot that it should be and to go home and take Tylenol for the cramping. As we left the ER, my daughter was white as a sheet and became extremely dizzy, unable to walk. The nurse asked if we wanted to return to the ER and we did, only to have Dr. Cardey dismiss my daughter after 10 minutes of writhing in pain ("go home and take Tylenol). After being home for an hour, my daughter woke me up screaming in pain with a ghost white face and purple lips, speaking incoherently. We rushed her back to the ER where she received an in depth ultrasound that revealed that she had an ectopic pregnancy where one of her Fallopian tubes ruptured and she had 2 liters of blood in her abdomen. She was rushed in to surgery where they removed a clot and her destroyed Fallopian tube. No concern from Dr. Cardey at all.

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flag | Submitted March 8, 2014

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