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I had to see Dr. Allen for a psych consult for the Army, because I had numerous traffic violations. He asked about my past school terms and details about my parents. I honestly shared that information with him. He asked old is my mother and my reply was she was born 1965. I honesty don't keep up with ages because D.O.B is more important and tells the age anyway. The same type of response was given for my father... In school I had a few (3) disciplinary actions that result to me seeing the Principal. These actions was for defending my self in a urban school setting. I never had to see counselors except for prevent measures in which every student had to visit. These visits are to see if you are being bullied ETC. In high school started football but didn't like getting, basketball like it but I preferred to work... I get to MEPS DR. Allen stated I have ADHD, I am Passive Aggressive, LIED and stated that I was constantly in and out of trouble, and cause my mother grief? Record Sessions!!

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flag | Submitted Nov. 7, 2013

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