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Went in to Steven Battaglia's office for a second opinion, as the previous doctor I went to, had recommended surgery. The doctor took a look at my sinuses, and told me to get a few different types of over the counter drops (Afrin, Xlear and nasal rinse, as well as Nasonex). A month later, I get a bill from them for ~$275. They said they called my insurance company (BC PPO) and they said its not coverd because it is a procedure. I called and tried to reason with them to no avail. At no point had the doctor gotten my consent or mentioned any type of procedure that would be above and beyond a standard diagnostic visit. They said: "we're sorry, but the doctor doesn't like to be bothered by such things. He does what he thinks he needs to do." I said you should let the patient know that what he is about to do, is going to cost them money. They disagreed. In short, they threatened me with collections, to pay the full amount.

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