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My brother (an adolescent cancer patient) sought Dr. Michael Landman for a consultation. He informed the office staff that he had Aetna PPO insurance and asked if they accept it. The lady he spoke to said yes and then proceeded to book him an appointment. My brother then came in for his consultation, filled out all necessary paperwork, presented his insurance card and was seen. At his follow-up, no mention was made about his insurance coverage, a balance on his bill or the fact that Dr. Landman IS NOT A PARTICIPATING PROVIDER for Aetna PPO. When the office was denied payment, they balance billed my brother for their mistake. My father called the office to negotiate a rate because the staff lied about accepting Aetna PPO. His request was returned with hostility and a very rude "YOUR SON SIGNED PAPERWORK," from the billing coordinator, Julie. We paid the medical bill however, we would like to warn others who may not have to means to resolve a situation such as ours.

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