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When I asked if there was still swelling in my brothers brain Dr Helfgott said his physical exam was the only test necessary to recommend taking him off all life support. He backs this up with his many years experience of treating people who do not wake up after the third day spend the rest of their lives like a vegetable. Why does he wait 14 days to tell this to the family. The “vegetable” remark seems to imply a Persistent Vegetative State a diagnosis that is much to early to make, also brain dead and a Persistent Vegetative State are two completely different conditions. When another doctor from his practice came in with a test result that showed brain swelling he tested his reflexes and said his pupils were responsive, he said to give it time because he is still young so he has a chance at recovery. Bottom line: stay away from this doctor and all doctors in the same office. But if you are looking for PHYSICIAN ASSISTED SUICIDE this would be the guy to see.

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