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Love Dr. Dossett. He is the best G.P. doctor as well as a great OB/GYN. He is a very knowledgeable OB/GYN. He has taught me so much about my own anatomy; shows me my own cells under slides and explains what he is looking for in the cells. Hello Mr Science! He also provides an excellent physical. He tests my blood and then has me bring in all my vitamins so we can discuss what I am still not getting enough of and what I may be taking to much of and what I don't need at all. He even helped me figure out why I was taking an Omega 3 but it was not showing up in my blood work. He is great but his billing department needs to get their act together. They bill me wrong so often and are not helpful at all! He is worth the hassle.

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flag | Submitted July 23, 2008

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