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I never got to see the doctor. I showed up for my first appointment and there were 22 people in the waiting room! There was a sign posted at the receptionens desk that read "Please expect a long wait". I had missed a half day of work and and driven 50 miles to make this appointment! After speaking to a number of people in the waiting room, one man was just leaving and had been there for three hours, I realized that this was the norm and not the exception. Most of these poor people were wearing casts, splints bandages , etc. They were stuck there at his mercy, I wasn,t. I got my hospital referal back from the receptionist and left angry. What is it about doctors that place absolutely NO value on their patients time, comfort or convenience! Good riddance doctor Mitchell, I'm fortunate that we never got the chance to meet.

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flag | Submitted March 6, 2009

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