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I get a call from the office telling me that my pap smear came out abnormal. Then I get a card in the mail saying that my pap smear came out normal. I call the office to find out what's actually going on with my pap and they can't find my files. I call back every day for three days until someone actually keeps me on hold while they go to figure out where my files are. They tell me that it is slightly abnormal and that they will speak to the doctor and get back to me. They gave me a prescription without telling me what type of medicine it was and when I took it, it made me very sick. Later I get two bills in the mail for $195 worth of lab results. . I eventually speak with the CFO to discuss the bills, who upon me informing him that I intend to pursue this issue in court because I am dissatisfied with the treatment and then concurrent billing. He then states that if I am to go to court all the information regarding my sex life will become public. I feel harassed by this practice.

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flag | Submitted May 2, 2013

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