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GO ELSEWHERE FOR CARE!!! WARNING WARNING WARNING !!!!! Office staff does not communicate well. As an existing patient I called to make an appt. for a rabies vaccination after a wild animal attack and was told by the office manager that it was "not their policy" to provide that health care service on monday at 8:25am. I informed the manager that I was seen in the ER and the public health dept does not give the shots either,after failing to hear from them mon,I called tues,after more calls she sighed and said "well I guess I'll have to call the doctor at home he has left for the day - this was tues. at 4:00pm I ended up in the ER to have my shots which cost me alot more. The office manager called at 5:00pm on wednesday to make sure that I knew that they would not be "assisting with this matter" and so that I knew "to go elsewhere" she also hoped that "I would have a nice day". It is not a nice day after someone denies you lifesaving care after being attacked by a wild rabbid animal.

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