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When I found out that I had to have Colon surgery, I first panicked and then got my head on and decided to do my research! I interviewed surgeons and the hospital they performed their surgeries in. It was quite the experience and education to learn so much and I would advise anyone to the same. Your health, your body is your temple and you should do what you can to give yourself the best you can. You don't have to just listen to what the doctor tells you, go find out and make the best informed decision for yourself. Regional has a great surgeon, Doctor T.T. Nguyen who is among the best in his field. Just look him up, you will find article after article about him and his brothers who all practice together. Once I met with him, I knew I had found the hospital and the surgeon I wanted to take care of me. I interviewed several surgeons and hospitals but it was at Regional and its new wing of rooms, the surgery center and the surgeon that made me decide I had found the best place for me.

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