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mentally abusive for the past 6 months, quite frankly I`m very scared...He has made very odd statements towards me as well as openly that every one could hear. Such as, What do you want? why are you here? he`s my worst patient! Initially(three years ago) he took over for my treating doctor who had a stroke. Dr Williams at that time said The reason I was in such pain was because of a non-fusion and that the type of "Cages' were out dated. He laughed at me! and said I would never heal like this. He recommended removal entirely and replaced with femoral ring and stem cell. Three years later...I`m still waiting in excruciating pain. He also now says I`m fused! and referred me to another doctor. I am now awaiting insurance approval for Discograms before proceeding. Dr Williams last statement towards me was Nobody cares about you anyways!. I hate his guts!!! God help us all. Good doctor gone bad!

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flag | Submitted Sept. 22, 2008

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