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I've seen Dr. Koursh regularly with my daughter in her first year of life. I initially liked that Dr. Koursh was direct with his opinions about caring for children but as my confidence as a parent grew his condescending and arrogant tone began to really bother me. He asked the same questions during each checkup-feeling more like and oral exam rather than an exchange between a doctor and parents. He has ONE method for parents to follow and if you deviate from it at all he delivers a vague threat of causing our child trauma "later." For example: WE REFUSE to let our child cry-it out or night wean. We have respectfully stated this and yet he still persists claiming that we will eventually tire of it. (He speaks to us as if this decision was a trend.) He can't respect even the subtle deviations from his working model. He was also MUCH more of a lecturer when my husband was not with with me on visits. He smiles a lot but this guy lacks respect for any opinion other than his own.

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