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After a recent Hospitalization for Deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism I was referred to Dr. S as a primary care physician to by Dr. Steven Kwon. My initial visit was OK but subsequent care highlighted several issues. Dr. S did not call back when the nurses and myself called to get much needed information for my discharge needs and follow up medications after a Hospitalization. Two subsequent follow up visits to the Dr’s office for important blood tests, resulted in the person responsible for drawing blood being unable (2 pricks later) to draw blood. I was sent me over to the blood lab at Cedars Sinai. The person at the lab promptly drew blood with no issues. My conclusion from the above situations is I would not recommend Dr. S. I would in fact, encourage any people considering Dr. S to do some research, he may be right for you, and maybe was just not a good match for me. However I could not get basic information, call- backs and or competent after care.

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