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This review is for the Immigration physical for Australia or Canada. I had a nightmarish experience with the staff. I chose this office bc rates were less. Unfortunately I ended up paying the same, since they forgot to mention a $50 for more blood tests. Then it turned out I had some questionable results, which required additional testing. Fine. The problem I had was with the unprofessional treatment by the staff. The front desk woman, Lisa, was extremely rude every time I called. I work in healthcare myself, and always treat pts with the consideration and respect I would give my mother. She belittled my situation, attempted to explain the results to me herself, without deferring to Dr. Gitlin, and all this at the front desk, loudly, in front of other patients and staff, which is a HIPAA violation. Not to mention she did not mail my documents as she was supposed to, despite a 3 week notice. I had to pick up the documents and mail them myself. And on top of everything, extremely rude.

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flag | Submitted Dec. 27, 2010

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