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Dr. Peck replace my aortic valve. It was shot. He needed a better xray of my heart, and his secretary within in less than 10 minutes had me schedule for one in 15 minutes. When I walk in the door of the Xray facility, they took me right in. Within two weeks he had me on the table and repaired. He did the valve replacement and a bypass. I was in the hospital for total of 4 days. Him and his medical staff did the operation, and I had no fear or worry. They place me at complete ease. When I finally woke up after the operation and being in ICU, had no pain. Did not ever experience any pain! Even when the doctor came in to remove the tubes. He was very professional, he would speak to me, and do things that kept my mind distracted from what he was doing. When he was finish I was amazed, I was gear up for some intensive pain...nothing. The hospital staff at Bakersfield Memorial were great. I highly recommend Dr. Peck, and his group. After a year the scar is almost invisible. A good slicer.

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