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Hightower, on 5-28-97, took two tissues specimens from my liver, then stopped to ask me if I thought there was sufficient material captured in the two biopsy specimens to stop. I was dumbfounded; this was my first biopsy and he was the specialist. (Aside: I had this biopsy without any tracking of the needle, sedative or pain medicine. I used meditation yoga (hatha)). I bit, as he hoped, then got a long, blowhard's braggadocio concerning his 'historic,' 'lauded,' graduation from Johns Hopkins, etc... He then proceeded to run through my gall bladder, right kidney and through and through my right lung, collapsing the latter. Twenty-four hours later my gall bladder had to be removed to save my life. I was blamed for the pneumothrorax (collapsed lung), (wich the honest surgeon cleared up). That fat **** cost me 11 months of peritonitis and eeleven years later, his handiwork gave me Chronic Pancreatitis. Avoid this "doctor" at all costs.

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