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Dr. Kumar was called to consult on my husband's uncontrollable pain. His office assured me(2X)and the nurse at Simi Valley Hospital 2x that he would see my husband at 3:00 after his last patient. He knew my husband had been in the hospital for two days with uncontrollable pain. At app. 4:50 my GP and the nurse on staff called him, only to be told that he was not coming (Fri. night).In my opinion he had committed to accept my husband as a patient and completely disregarded that obligation. Because of this my husband continued in pain for a longer period than necessary and his recovery has been prolonged as well. I would think twice if you are considering this doctor as a care provider for yourself or a loved one. I have filed formal grievances against this doctor with both the hospital and other governing agencies as appropriate.

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Submitted April 10, 2014

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