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Dr. Sullivan is a highly respected orthopaedic surgeon, many health professionals personally use his practice. My past surgery with him was very successful. But patients are leaving his practice because the after-care has deteriorated. I'd noticed this in office visits, super fast once-over, one body part only per visit (their quote). He was known to be a superior surgeon rather than a bedside guy, so we'd let it slide. My recent surgery was also very good But- from recovery room on, follow-up & therapy written instructions were poor to awful. Their desk personnel gave me an important answer wrong, didn't check with anyone, messing up followup so much I've now got to have a total joint replacement, their bad. Their written rehab handouts,necessary for your therapy are so poor, like mimeographs from the 1950s! Silliest- personnel has to make a long trek thru offices to the printer for a receipt! ridiculous, printers are cheap! Dr. Sullivan's fine reputation needs to be revised, a shame.

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