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Unfortunately it's time for this gentleman to retire. Nice enough, but lacking in detailed knowledge, and kept recommending another dermatologist for simple case of soriasis. He seemed impatient each time I saw him and I think it caused errors in his diagnosis and recommendations. Also, it really seemed as if I knew more than he did about the skin condition, and he seemed offended by this. Then he prescribed a steroid cream for aggrivated papules in the skin under my eyes-- tiny little red dots... the steroid cream, applied as directed, caused a MASSIVE acne breakout all over my cheeks, which required an anti-biotic prescription to remedy. Its been two weeks and the breakout has still not cleared. This was a BIG mistake on his part. I was not even aware it was a steroid cream or I would never have used it on my face, as Im aware of the dangers of such a breakout. Again, a nice enough guy, but just getting REALLY old, and past due time to retire as his knowledge seems just out of date.

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flag | Submitted March 4, 2008

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