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Upon arrival, I was told that I owed $300. I asked why this was so high, and a woman from the billing dept came up to the desk. She told me that this was for my "deductable remaining for the year". I called my wife, who verified with Blue Cross that it had already been met several months prior. While on the phone with a Blue Cross Rep, the office was contacted. The schedular said that I was already in with the doctor...I was still in the waiting room. After meeting with the doctor, I asked the billing employee why she hadnt told me that he was an "out-of-network provider", even though she KNEW he wasnt. Her response was that "it is not up to me to tell you who is covered by your insurance....that's your responsibility!" Totally Wrong!!! That is just bad business...Do Not Trust!!!

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flag | Submitted Oct. 8, 2007

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