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Under Doctor Quon's care I was insulted, belittled. My health went right down hill. He said my symptom were in my head. I was on blood pressure meditaion for 4 years under another doctors care who move from town and Dr. Quon said we were going to start fresh and in his way.In 3 years I kept having chest pains and he said it was anxiety and menapausal. I was going to wedding driving by care and having chest pains all the way. I got there and got to the Comfort Inn took a bath and had an heart attack. The Emergency Doctor in North Bay told me I had clogged arteries in the left side of heart, my blood pressure was maglinant,and my cholesterol level were through the roof. He asked who my Cardioligist was and I had none just Dr. Quon. He was anger and wrote a letter to Dr. Quon about my condition and attack. When I did get into seeing Dr. Quon when I got home he was angry at me. I asked for my medical files and he said it would cost $20.00 a sheet. Never did get my file.

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flag | Submitted June 11, 2007

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