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I underwent nasal polyps surgery Dr Zukerman performed the surgery. I had a similar surgery 10 years in India and I had lot of complications. There was packing in my nose for 3 days, there was a lot of bleeding. During surgery, my face got swollen and I had double vision problems. This time, however, nothing of the sort happened . Dr Zuckerman assured that he will take extra precautions. He told me in detail what risks are present in the surgery. But the procedure went off very well. No swelling, no bleeding, no issues with vision.I was there in hospital for one hour after the surgery, which took almost 1 1/2 hour. I called doctor in the night and he responded to my questions. I left an email message after 3 days and he again called at my telephone line. What else you can expect from a doctor. God Bless Dr. Zuckerman and his family. My sincere wishes are with him. In my opinion, Dr Zuckerman is an excellent surgeon and a wonderful person.

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