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I suspect that for certain types of problems, Dr. Allen is quite competent, and he genuinely seems like a decent human being. However, I myself had a terrible experience with him. I was quoted $80-$220 for an appointment. He was a full 1 hour and 15 minutes(!!) late for the appointment. I even offered to come back another day, but his staff persuaded me to wait. When he finally came in the room, he spent 15 minutes telling me that he really was not familiar with some of the structures in the neck that I was describing(hyoid bone, thyroid cartilage...), and that there was nothing he could do for me. I had described my situation prior to making the appointment. I was left with a lost afternoon and not a shred of advice or help. I can see being charged a 'level 1' appointment charge for the consult, but soon after, I received a bill for over and above the high end of the quoted amount. I am displeased with his lack of knowledge and honesty. I will get quotes in writing in the future.

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flag | Submitted April 29, 2014

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